10 Best Wines in Kenya

Most popular wines in Kenya


Moments of our lives are made by decisions. These decisions can be overwhelming, especially when you have more than one option to choose from. Which option is better, A or B?😟, “Should I take a loan or save for this project?”, “What dress should I wear to that date”, or “Which shoes should I match with this belt”, or whether to watch a movie or go to sleep knowing that you got to wake early for work😀. Every decision shapes our lives and experiences, and that is why most of the time we hesitate to take that step.

Sometimes, our hesitations come from having little knowledge of the situation. For this reason, we scour around for information to guide our decisions. This could be done by asking our close friends and relatives, through Social Media or Google.

When it comes to wine, there are so many options it can be overwhelming. “Do I buy red sweet wine or dry red wine, or do I go with sweet white wine or dry white  wine?” If you have got that hot date and you might be asking, “ What are the best wines for ladies?” We have compiled a list of the most popular and best wines in Kenya. Hopefully, this will ease your decision-making process when it comes to types of wines.

This list has taken into account red wines, white wines, sweet wines, dry wines and sparkling wines popularly taken in Kenya, and considered the best.

Rosso Nobile Cioccolata

Rosso Nobile al Cioccolata is a chocolate-flavoured red wine from Germany. It is infused with chocolate aromas giving it a smooth chocolate taste. This wine is known to engulf the nose with aromas of ripe black fruit, cherries, and dark chocolate. 

It can be taken on its own or taken along with dark chocolates or chocolate cake if you would like to experience its full flavours.

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Pierre Marcel

Pierre Marcel is a gorgeous, sweet and easy-to-drink red wine with fruity flavours. On the nose are delicate fruit aromas of spice, black currant dates and red berries. The palate offers an enjoyable sweetness with flexible silky tannins. 

Pairs well with pizza, grilled meats and barbecue. Best served slightly chilled.

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Chamdor Sparkling Wine

Chamdor is an alcohol-free sparkling grape juice made from the highest quality grapes to give you sweet wine flavours without the alcohol. It uses mainly the Chenin Blanc and Muscat grape varieties from the vineyards in the Robertson wine district.

 Chamdor is available in three flavours, namely white sparkling wine, red sparkling wine and peach.

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Cellar Cask

Cellar Cask is a wine from South Africa and one of the most popular wines in Kenya when you look at how much people love it. This wine is naturally sweet and comes in popular sizes of either 5 litres or bottles of 750ml. Cellar cask wine comes in white, red and also rose.

Cellar Cask is one of the popular wines in Kenya and has been widely accepted in most parts of the country. It is one of the leading South African wines belonging to the Distell Group

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Four Cousins 

This sweet-smelling wine has an alcohol content of 7.5% and is perfect for everyday enjoyment, especially after a long and hard day. Four Cousins is one of South Africa’s biggest-selling wine brands. Four Cousins wines are also one of our country’s best wines. It comes in sizes of 5 litres, 1.5 litres and 750ml.

It comes in flavours of white, red and rose’.

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4th Street 

4th Street is a sweet low alcoholic (8%) wine made in the Western Cape, South Africa. For those who like their wine sweet, or don’t drink wine because it’s too strong, then this wine is a definite go-to. It is especially loved for its red wine, which is considered among the best and most popular red wines in Kenya.

 Unashamedly uncomplicated, easy-drinking and versatile, 4th Street is a wine inspired by a passion for family, friendship and sharing. It comes in sizes of 750ml, 1.5 litres and 5 litres.

It comes in red wine, white wine and rose’ wine.

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Birds & Bees 

Birds & Bees is a sweet fruity, refreshingly sweet Argentine wine. It has captivating aromas of jasmine, pear, and ripe French peaches. The flavours are of tropical fruits such as mangoes and pineapples.

If you like super sweet wines this is for you. 

It makes for a great dessert wine or can be taken on its own.

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Nederburg Cabernet Sauvignon

Nederburg Cabernet Sauvignon is popular and considered to be among the best dry wines in Kenya. It is a nice and well-balanced full-bodied wine bursting with notes of berry and plum. It has a nice acidity that adds to the wine along with a touch of spice, but supple tannins. 

Pairs well with roast lamb, red meat, beef, and poultry 

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10 best wines in Kenya
Simonsig Shiraz

Simonsig Shiraz is another dry wine considered the best in Kenya, considering its popularity. It displays a dense opaque colour with a plum centre. It has delicious notes of plum on the nose and succulent blackberry fruit. Dominant black cherry fruit infused with subtle hints of cedar oak that integrates well with the wine giving it a spicy finish.

It pairs well with red meat or poultry.

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10 best wines in Kenya
Carlo Rossi Sweet  Red 

Carlo Rossi sweet red is a well-balanced, light to medium-bodied wine with flavours of bright red fruits and fresh floral notes with a nice crisp finish. It is best served chilled or over ice. It comes in a jug-shape-like bottle for 1.5 litres and a 750ml bottle.

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With this list of the ten best wines in Kenya, you can be sure to have a relaxed and chilled evening or weekend with your favourite wine in hand. Any of these wines can be enjoyed with friends and family, on a date, or when Netflix and chilling. Now, you have no reason to enjoy a glass of wine this weekend!


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