Jays Liquor Training

Understand the ins and outs of the liquor business

Gain the skills and knowledge that will equip you to run a successful wines and spirits business

Do you aspire to be highly knowledgeable about liquor in Kenya? Are you starting a new wines and spirits business and you’d like some guidance on how to get off the ground? At Jays Wines we’ve prepared this course for you.

Who's Our Target?

Anyone wishing to venture into the wines and spirits business

If you’re considering venturing into the liquor business, this course will give you the road map on how to start.

Existing wines & spirits owners and shop attendants

If you’re already in business but you’d like to expand your knowledge, this course will broaden your thinking of your business.

Entry-level Sommeliers and liquor enthusiasts

If you’ve just started out as a sommelier and you’d like to be more familiar with liquor categories, this course will give you the foundation you need.

Bar tenders waitresses and other people who serve alcohol

If you work in the hospitality business and serve customers with alcohol, this course will help you understand the brands and categories better.

Course Details

We’re currently finalizing on the curriculum and other finer details. We’ll be sharing more information about the course with respect to pricing, duration, requirement, mode of delivery, location, and much more. Fill in the form at the bottom of this page and we’ll keep you updated with all developments with respect to this course. Thank you for showing interest in our training.

Topics We'll Cover


How products are categorized

Learn how liquor products are categorized and what makes each category unique.

What to stock when starting

Avoid having dead stock by knowing the best product to the stock based on your location and other factors.

Most Popular Liquor Products in Kenya

We’ll take you through research that shows what products Kenyans consume the most.

Adding value: Pairing, Mixing, Cocktails e.t.c.

Add value to your customers in various ways. Learn how to pair, mix and make simple cocktails.

Customer Service

How liquor customer are categorised

Learn the demographics of various liquor customers in Kenya.

How to deliver outstanding customer service

How do you make your customers feel special every time they interact with you?

How to build loyalty and a following with customers

Avoid having dead stock by knowing the best product to the stock based on your location and other factors.

The power of systems and processes in customer service

Digitize your processes and stand out with your customers.


Legal requirements in the liquor business

How do you comply with the County government, KRA, and other bodies?

The best strategy and approach

All successful businesses are so because of proper structures that govern all aspects of the business.

The numbers: Pricing, Operational costs, profits, e.t.c.

How lucrative is the liquor business?

Common challenges in the liquor business

How do you overcome the main challenges in the liquor business?

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