15 High Alcohol Content Wines

The first time I heard of wine having an alcohol content of above 10%, I said, “Yeah, it could be.” But 19% alcohol content “Naah, that is far fetched!” I was proven wrong, not by one or two brands of wine but by at least four! I would not be speculating much if I said most of us have been or are here. Hard to believe two or so glasses can get you tipsy, and a whole bottle drunk, isn’t it?

Most of us have been led to believe that wines do not have high alcohol content. We are so used to wines with alcohol content below 8%. The likes of 4th street, four cousins, Robertson. I am here to tell you that you are missing out on amazing wines with just the right amount of alcohol in them to give you that niiiice buzz without gobbling three bottles of wine (unless that is what you are aspiring towards😀).

Let us find out some of the wines with high alcohol content🍷.

35 South Cabernet Sauvignon (12.5% alcohol content)

35 South Cabernet Sauvignon is an intense and fruity wine. On the nose, you can smell ripe red fruit, spices, plum, and pepper. Blackberry, cherry, and cheddar and hints of chocolate on the palate. Well balanced. Concentrated and full-bodied at the palate, with a long finish. Click here to view or/and buy.

Pairing: Excellently pairs with meat and pork dishes

Silver Mountain Alloy ( 13.8% alcohol content)

A blend of four red grapes that are organically grown; Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Petit Verdot, Silver Mountain Alloy wine blend is known for its powerful structure and deep flavours.

Deep red in colour, you can indulge in the aromatic nose of this Bordeaux blend with balsam, ripe plums, red currants, vanilla, and cloves.

The rich flavours will fill your mouth with sumptuous dark fruits, red currants, ripe plums, cocoa, truffle, cloves, and vanilla. While robust, the tannins are soft and integrated.

It is a delicious wine if taken now and can also benefit from bottle ageing. Click here to view or/and buy.

Pairing: Good with light meals or by itself.

Capeville Red (14% alcohol content)

Capeville red is a  blend of noble grapes specially selected for this style. The grapes for this wine are Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, planted in rich well-drained Swartland & Glenrosa soil.

It expresses the perfect balance of fruit and wood ageing resulting in an elegant red blend. Has soft smooth berry ripeness and a delicious juicy middle palate with no evidence of excessive sharpness or tannins. Smooth with a lingering aftertaste. Click here to view or/and buy.

Pairing: Pairs well with spicy foods

Marques syrah (14% alcohol content)

Marques de Casa Concha Syrah is  Bright and dense, deep red in colour. Remarkably focused on flavour, offering solid blackberry and cherry flavours with a touch of smoke from the oak on the finish.  On the palate, it is firm in texture, with fine-grained tannins, this wine will evolve into a complex, supple wine. Click here to view or/and buy.

Pairing: A delightful accompaniment to red meats and spicy dishes.

Nederburg Pinotage Dry Red (14% alcohol content)

Nederburg Pinotage is a generous-bodied wine, juicy and soft-textured with lovely notes of ripe plums and spice. The Winemasters ensemble, comprising a top-quality range of varietals, is named to honor the Paarl winery’s long-established tradition of winemaking excellence. This wine is a classically styled, food-friendly wine with abundant fruit flavors.

Every drop demonstrates an unwavering commitment to world-class vineyard and cellar skills. Click here to view or/and buy.

Pairing: Serve with stew, roast poultry, grilled meat, or even chocolate.

Alto Cabernet Sauvignon (14.5% alcohol content)

Alto Cab Sauv is a dark ruby wine with a rich, full-bodied palate and alcohol percentage of 14.5%. The appearance is deep and dark, more purple than red. When poured it sounds elegant and smooth, with no splashing and bubbling. On the nose is a soft and complex floral bouquet. After breathing it in, the taste is rich complex and lingers, there is an immediate taste of plum and soft yet deep oak flavor.

Made in  Stellenbosch Winelands, this Alto red is renowned for its flavors of cherries, spicy berry, tobacco, and dark chocolate. It has smooth soft tannins, with a long finish. It tastes better when aged a few years. Click here to view or/and to buy.

Pairing: Steak, roasted lamb, dark chocolate

Nederburg Manor House Cabernet  Sauvignon (14.8% alcohol content)

Nederburg Manor House Cabernet Sauvignon has some merlot and a splash of tannat. It has a deep, dark color, with the upfront aromas you’d expect – blackcurrant, tobacco, a hint of oak-spice, some garden herbs. 

It’s nicely concentrated but not overly ripe. Well structured, and it ages well. Click here to view or/and buy.

Pairing: Poultry, beef, lamb

KWV Cape Tawny (17.5% alcohol content)

KWV Cape Tawny has an extended wood maturation resulting in a beautiful dark berry flavor complemented by caramel, butterscotch, and nuttiness on the nose. It explodes with fruit, marzipan, and toffee on the palate. The wine is well balanced, fresh, and fruitful with a lingering finish. Click here to view or/and buy.

Pairing: Serve chilled before a meal or after a meal with cheese.

Altar Wine ( 19% alcohol content)

Altar Wine, also known as Church Wine, is an amber-red appearing wine with a medium sweet flavor. It is obtained from pure red grapes and is meant for use in the celebration of the Eucharist, commonly known as the Lord’s Supper or Holy Communion. Church wine is usually red to better symbolize the blood of Jesus Christ, as believed by members of the faith.

It is also enjoyed outside the church confines, so let no one tell you that you cannot. Click here to view or/and buy.

Pairing: Best enjoyed after a meal

Graham’s Fine Ruby Port (19% alcohol content)

Graham’s Fine Ruby is bottled after some two years of aging in oak barrels. A light and easy-to-drink port, it is best served slightly chilled to get the most of the rich, red-berry flavors.

Graham’s Fine Ruby Port is full-bodied with youthful freshness and aromas of luscious fruit. It is deeply ruby red colored and intensely aromatic with ripe red and black fruit aromas. On the palate luscious black cherry flavors, with excellent balance without a sharp, alcoholic bite on the finish. Click here to view or/and buy.

Pairing: Beef, poultry, dark chocolate


Graham’s Fine Tawny (19% alcohol content)

Graham’s Fine Tawny Port is a young wine matured in seasoned oak casks for an average of three years. Graham’s Fine Tawny Port is lighter in color and texture than Ruby and also slightly drier. It has a Reddish tawny color, with ripe fruit aromas nicely balanced by hints of dried fruits.

On the palate, lingering nut and caramel flavors, elegant and smooth. It offers a fine balance of fruitiness and nuttiness, derived from maturation in seasoned oak casks. Click here to view or/and buy.

Pairing: Best paired with creamy desserts and dried fruits

Sandeman Fine Ruby Port (19.5% alcohol content)

Sandeman Fine Ruby Port is a deep-intensity ruby wine that has an aromatic nose of black plum, prune puree, and bramble. This medium-sweet, full-bodied port wine is filled with black fruit flavors and a hint of clove baking spice. The Port is good in its dimension and completes with a medium-plus finish. Click here to view or/and buy.

Pairing: Enjoy it with  chocolate desserts or fruit pies

Sandeman Fine Tawny Port (19.5% alcohol content)

Sandeman Fine Tawny is still made traditionally to be rich and robust yet with a special depth of flavor and the finesse, achieved by expertly blending wines from Sandeman´s large and varied stock.

Brilliant red ruby in color, with clean aromas of red fruits, plums, and strawberries, Sandeman Fine Tawny has full rich flavors and is very well balanced. Rich, round, balanced in the mouth, with overt flavors of fresh plums and red fruits. Click here to view or/and buy.

Pairing: Dried Fruits and nuts, chocolate truffles, dark chocolate mousse

Douglas Green Cape Ruby (19.6% alcohol content)

This specially selected Douglas Green Cape Ruby was crafted from rich ripe grapes. After maturation in the barrel, this wine displays aromas of fruitcake and nutty flavors, with a rich, smooth finish. This magnificent Cape Ruby shows dark berry fruit with generous spice and a rich, smooth finish. Click here to view or/and buy.

Pairing: It particularly goes down well with beef

Graham’s Late Vintage Dry Red (20% alcohol content)

Graham’s Late Bottled Vintage Port from Graham’s harvest presents an intense and opaque ruby color. It has a fragrant and complex aroma of red and wild fruits that stand out in the mouth. It has a velvety palate with blackberries and blueberries sustained by firm tannins that lead to a long, sweet, and seductive finish.

It is richly perfumed, packed with red and black fruits of the forest on the nose. This Port is a wine of a single year however it is not declared. This vintage port has Upfront, aromas of black plums, spice and dried herbs, firm and evident tannins, and a rich, long finish. Click here to view pr/and buy.

Pairing: Goes well with  beef, dark chocolate

Now, you do not have to go for spirits for their high alcohol content, and yet you are a wine person through and through… Enjoy any of the above high alcohol content wines and take it from me, a glass or two and you will start filling the “buzz”. You have no reason to not have a bottle of wine, and get your groove on with or without company…😊

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By Roseline Maina: Digital Marketer


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