Fragolino Rose 750ml (C&B) (11.5%)


Buy Fragolino Rose 750ml online in Nairobi and get it delivered within two hours between Monday and Saturday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Fragolino Rose 750ml is a popular Italian sweet Rose wine mostly taken during special occasions. The price ofFragolino Rose 750ml is KSh. 1400. Fragolino Rose 750ml Wine contains 11.5% alcohol.




Fragolino Rosé is a Rosato-appearing sparkling wine. It is crafted with an intense strawberry aroma on the nose. Its palate is sweet and harmonious with the strawberry flavors.

Duchessa Lia Fragolino Rosé goes well as an aperitif. It also pairs with pastry dishes and confectionery products.

You can enjoy it on its own or in cocktails.
The best temperature to serve this wine is between 8 ° – 10 ° C.



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