Buy Savanna Dry Cider online in Nairobi and get it delivered within two hours between Monday and Saturday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Savanna Dry Cider is a popular South African Cider mostly taken during special occasions. The price of Savanna Dry Cider is KSh. 220. Savanna Dry Cider contains 6% alcohol.

Savanna Dry Cider Premium is clear, pale to mid-golden with no lasting head.It has Apple-ly fruit aromas with faint notes of honeydew lemon. The taste is semi-dry, light and clean, with a flavour reminiscent of pasteurized apple juice.



The Savanna Dry Cider traces its origins to South Africa, back in 1996 when it was introduced by the Distell Group Limited. Now sold in over 40 countries, Savana Dry is South Africa’s leading export cider and the third-largest cider brand in the world.
Savanna Dry Cider is a product of crushed apples grown in the Elgin Valley of the Western Cape. Only the tastiest are picked for this purpose.
The overall production process takes two weeks, a period during which the product is run through the micro-filtration process, where it is triple filtered and double chilled.
Worth noting is that Savana Cider was the first cider produced by Savanna and contains an alcohol level of 6% ABV.



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