Buy Tanqueray Sevilla 700ml online in Nairobi and get it delivered within two hours between Monday and Saturday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Tanqueray Sevilla is an orange flavoured London Gin mostly taken during special occasions. Tanqueray Sevilla 700ml contains 41.3% alcohol.

If within CBD, orders will be delivered within 20min or less. You can contact us at +254 705 570 066. In-Store pickup orders are generally ready.

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Tanqueray Sevilla is a zesty, fruitful gin, offering a bold and bittersweet taste of the sun-soaked Mediterranean. Seville oranges are distilled with orange blossom and the four botanicals of our classic London Dry gin – piney juniper, peppery coriander, aromatic angelica, and sweet liquorice – for a balanced, fruity flavour.
-On nosing, you get a tiny bit of Juniper on the nose, but the big aroma is Orange.
-It delivers a fruity, zesty taste, balanced with the 4 botanicals of Tanqueray’s classic London Dry Gin.


Tanqueray Sevilla is best served with plenty of ice, premium tonic water, and a wedge of orange.



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