10 Most Popular Drinks in Kenya

Most Popular Drinks in Kenya

Life is full of beautiful and special moments. We pop champagne at weddings or celebrations, enjoy beers on weekends while watching football, enjoy a gin or vodka when we are out with friends, a whisky/whiskey when we wanna chill with some slow music or with close friends while discussing business, or pairing wines with foods. 

These most popular drinks in Kenya are well known to us, we could call them our “staple drinks”😜. These are the drinks you will find at all your wines and spirits outlets, or the nearest supermarket. I bet you can name them one by one. Which ones have we missed, you think should belong to this list?

Gilbey’s Gin

If you live in Kenya, then you have interacted or heard of Gilbey’s Gin. Gilbey’s gin popularity has risen significantly in the last few months to make it to this list of the most popular drinks in Kenya. This could be articulated to the closing of clubs, hence people have resorted to drinking at home and some publicity. 

Gilbey’s is a distilled London Dry Gin Founded In 1872 it contains juniper berries as an ingredient and is clear in colour. It can be taken neat or in cocktails or accompanied with tonic water, as most gin lovers prefer. It contains 40% alcohol.

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Gordon’s Gin

Gordon’s is a go-to value gin. It’s available in nearly every liquor store and supermarket in Kenya, and it makes an excellent mixed drink. It has a strong juniper base and a selection of other botanicals that blend well with nearly any mixer your heart desires. It comes in Gordon’s clear and Gordon’s pink.

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Bailey’s is an iconic blend of fresh Irish cream, selected spirits and Irish Whiskey. While there are a myriad of uses for this liqueur, Baileys is best served simply over ice where you can fully enjoy the subtlety and gentle flavours that have made it one of the world’s favourite drinks.

This particular drink is mostly enjoyed by those who find spirits too blunt and would like a little most sweetness/flavour to their drinks.

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Tusker is the pride of Kenya! Definitely one of the most popular drinks in Kenya. A trusted Kenyan beer brewed from 100% African ingredients that are all locally sourced; the barley is from the Savannah and the Maasai Mara, the spring water is from the Aberdare Mountains and all the yeast is developed locally which means that you feel closely connected to the brand’s origins and roots.

The name came about as a memorial following the death of George Hurst, a co-founder of Kenya Breweries Ltd who was killed by an elephant during a hunting expedition in 1922. The brand has since grown to be EABL’s flagship brand.

When you are chilling on the weekend watching football, you most likely will be enjoying one of the Tusker beers.

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Hailed as the blackest stout with the most colourful flavour, Guinness is one of the most successful stout brands worldwide, brewed in almost 50 countries and available in over 120 countries.

Guinness has smells of roasted malts with definite hints of coffee beans. It has a very clean, smooth and refreshing mouthfeel with a slightly roasted flavour profile.

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Jack Daniels 

Jack Daniel’s is a brand of Tennessee whiskey and the top-selling American whiskey in the world. This brand is the most popular whiskey in Kenya with Jack Daniel N0.7 leading in popularity. 

Who does not know of the popular Jack & Coke cocktail? It is best-loved for its superior quality and affordability. 

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Flowing in the Valley of the Deer since 1887, the family’s signature expression is the world’s most awarded single malt Scotch whisky.

Glenfiddich has a unique freshness from the same Highland spring water they’ve used since 1887, its distinctive fruitiness comes from the high cut point William Grant always insisted upon. 

One of the most successful and popular scotch whisky in Kenya, Glenfiddich brand has a wide range of renowned whiskies like Glenfiddich 12 Years, Glenfiddich 15 Years, Glenfiddich 18 years, Glenfiddich 21 Years, and Glenfiddich 25 Years.

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Most Popular Drinks in KenyaJohnnie walker black label

JW Black Label is a true icon, recognised as the benchmark for all other deluxe blends. Created using only whiskies aged for a minimum of 12 years from the four corners of Scotland, Johnnie Walker Black Label has an unmistakably smooth, deep character. An impressive whisky to share on any occasion.

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Most Popular Drinks in Kenya4th street

4th Street wines are made from quality grapes sourced from selected vineyards throughout the Western Cape. The grapes are harvested in February and March at optimum ripeness to ensure a maximum burst of fruity nectar

The fresh sweetness of both the red and white wines come from the careful blending of the light, fruity wine and the full sweet grape juice resulting in an easy-drinking, low-alcohol wine.

When it’s time to get together with friends, 4th Street is usually the go-to wine, with its naturally sweet and bursts of fruity flavours, it perfectly complements the occasion.

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Most Popular Drinks in KenyaDrostdy-Hof

Drostdy-Hof is well known in Kenya for its dry wines, both white and red. This wine range was launched in South Africa in 1973 and has extended its reach into African and key international markets.

The grapes are sourced from trellised vineyards in Potterville, Robertson, Stellenbosch, and Paarl. The grapes are harvested in January and fermented in stainless steel tanks to ensure maximum preservation of tropical and citrus fruit flavours.

If you are a dry wine person, Drostdy-Hof is the perfect wine to indulge in.

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With this list of the most popular drinks in Kenya, you can be sure to have a relaxed and chilled evening or weekend with your favourite drink. Now, you have no reason to not get your groove on. Cheers mate!

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By Roseline Maina: Digital Marketer



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