15 Premium Alcoholic Drinks

What comes to your mind when you hear the mention of premium alcoholic drinks? Do specific brands come to mind? Do you remember certain songs that have mentioned a drink here and there? For me, what comes to mind is Young M.A’s latest song Henny’d up. I came by it through Youtube recommendations, you know Youtube with their recommendations😃. Talking of musicians, another one who has really come through for Belaire sparkling wine is Rick Ross. That man has gone all out for that brand, but we can say the Belaire wines are to die for, not literally of course😀. Which other musicians come to mind?

What makes a drink premium? When you think of premium drinks, think of craftsmanship and quality. These drinks are made of quality ingredients and are full of flavour. A sip comes with a silkiness and boldness that leaves a mark, makes moments, memories. Specially designed for that special occasion, heck being alive is special too. So, treat yourself and your loved ones to one of these drinks sometime. Appreciation has no timestamp, could be today, could be tomorrow😊.

Let us look at  the premium alcoholic drinks list in our market:


Tanqueray No. Ten Gin has four of the base botanicals: juniper, coriander, angelica, and licorice. Unlike Tanqueray London Dry Gin, Tanqueray 10 adds an additional four elements to the mix, including fresh white grapefruit, fresh lime, fresh orange, and camomile flowers for a total of 8 botanicals. The main ingredient which makes Tanqueray 10 unique is the use of fresh whole citrus rather than dried citrus peels which are used for the majority of gins on the market.

Nose:  reflects the abundance of fresh fruit, and while juniper is still a lead note, it’s joined by lime and grapefruit.

Palate: Has the same subtle sweet note from the grain which lends a sweet quality to the citrus as well as makes the angelica root come off more sweet and warm than earthy.

Finish: long and spicy with juniper, black pepper, and lime lingering on the palate.

With strong citrus aromatics and a core of warm spice, Tanqueray 10 works much better in cocktails like the Aviation, the Southside, and the Gin Rickey. It is also considered by many to be one of the best gins for the martini.

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Buy Simonsig Tiara Online in Nairobi

Simonsig Tiara is a red blend that exhibits a depth with rich, perfumed blackcurrant and cassis enhanced by subtle cedar oak nuances. This wine has a beautiful balance of oak maturation with smooth tannins.

Pairing: Beef, lamb, and poultry

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While not from the Champagne region, Luc Belaire Brut sparkling wine tastes as good and is quite enjoyable. 

Pale lemon in colour with a green hue, it is light-bodied and crisp, with small bubbles. Dry on the palate with limes, herbs, grapefruits, citrus, sea salt, white pepper, yeast, toast, and bitter almonds. Medium finish with bitter herbs.

Pairing: Beef, lamb, and poultry

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Veuve Clicquot Rosé is made using 50 to 60 different crus, and 30-45% of Reserve wines, this wine is based on: the Pinot Noir predominance (50-55%) which provides the structure that is so typically Veuve Clicquot, while Chardonnay (28-33%) adds the elegance and finesse essential in a perfectly balanced wine, and a touch of Meunier (15-20%) that rounds out the blend. The blend is then completed with 12% of still red wine using red grapes, providing fruitiness. The long period of ageing in our cellars (3 years minimum for Rosé) lends silkiness to the Champagne.

Acids are perfectly balanced, a million bubbles in the glass make Veuve Clicquot Rosé quite the sensational champagne.

Nose: Fresh raspberry and wild strawberry. 

Palate: Red fruits on the mouth give a fresh balanced pleasure.

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Aberlour 18-year-old single malt is a well-matured, heavily sherried expression, the perfect thing for late evening relaxation. A sip of this whisky is warm and coats the palate without distracting moments. The finish is medium to long with spicy impressions without distracting the moment. Water is not needed.

Nose: Creamy, like melted vanilla ice cream. Fruity and honeyed.

Palate: Fresh juicy apples and oranges before sherry kicks in with supple sultanas and vanilla.

Finish: Intricate with chocolate raisins and oily caramel notes.

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Martell XO is known for its intense taste and daring, contemporary design. A prestigious blend, this cognac has a bold and charismatic personality, reflected in its striking arch of the bottle. Specially made for special occasions and for gifting.

Nose: spicy sensation with notes of black pepper and coriander, rounded out by rich aromas of fig, walnut, and sandalwood.

Palate: Intense notes of fig, blackcurrant, and red fruit that give full expression to the power and finesse of Eaux-de-vie from Grande Champagne.

Finish: Exceptionally long and robust finish

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The Glenmorangie Signet is distilled twice through Glenmorangie’s copper-pot stills, by a team of 16 distillers known as the Sixteen Men of Tain. It was subsequently matured in bespoke American virgin oak casks before it was bottled at 46% and received no chill-filtration.

While it carries no-age-statement, it has an element of some of the distillery’s oldest and rarest stocks, ranging from 35 to 40 years old, in this Highland single malt.

This edition takes its name from the ornate square design that adorns most Glenmorangie bottles. The signet itself originated from the Hilton of Cadboll Stone, a Pictish artifact that dates back to around the year 800 AD.

 Nose: The nose begins with chocolate raisins and sugared mixed peels. Toasted spices, bread and butter pudding, and golden syrup complement these aromas, while a note of Angostura bitters lingers beneath.

Palate: Sweet, syrupy cinnamon and drying malt lead, before a suggestion of Terry’s Chocolate Orange rises. The backdrop is filled with tobacco leaves and freshly roasted espresso beans, with a little honey-roasted cashew.

Finish: The finish dries and becomes pleasantly rubbery, as a touch of truffle oil emerges.

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Glenlivet 21-Year-Old is meticulously crafted over its 21 years. This whisky is put through a combination of hand-selected American oak and ex-sherry casks, which impart the distinctive flavour of dried fruits and a bold richness, vibrant intensity, and long finish.

Nose: Homemade biscuits, malt

Palate:  A complexity of rich spices, dried fruit, oak, sherry alongside herbal flowers and oak.

Finish: Long and rich, it never seems to end before calling you back for more.

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Premium Alcoholic Drinks

Remy Martin XO is a complex and rich cognac. It consists of over 300 different Eaux-de-vie, which have been aged in oak casks between 10 and 37 years. This XO has everything from its floral bouquet to the velvet texture, what a fine Cognac should be all about. It should mark the special events in your life or your family and friends’ lives, it makes for the perfect gift.

Nose: Orange, jasmine, cinnamon.

Palate: Vanilla, honey, light spice.

Finish: Warm and enduring.

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Premium Alcoholic Drinks

Johnnie Walker Blue Label is created using a selection of rare casks from the Speyside and Highland distilleries – including delicate Cardhu and Clynelish, warm, rounded Benrinnes, as well as Islay malts for our signature smokiness.

Nose: Take in the wonderfully mellow, rounded nose – replete with dry smokiness artfully mixed with the sweetness of raisins.

Palate: Serving a velvety combination of vanilla, honey, and rose petals – before broadening out to include a zesty orange flavour with notes of hazelnut, sherry, and dark chocolate.

Finish: Signing off with a rich and luxuriously long finish

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Premium Alcoholic Drinks

Hennessy XO stands out as it incorporates over 100 Eaux-de-vies with ages up to 30 years. It was first intended as a special Cognac for friends and family of dear Maurice, so you know we’re talking about the good stuff right here.

The Hennessy XO Cognac is created from the Ugni Blanc grapes which have been harvested from the four great crus of the Cognac region. The smooth character of the Spirit provides an extravagant yet balanced experience for the senses. It more than lives up to its price and reputation. 

Nose: A rich, fruity palate with prunes, Corinth raisins, and sticky toffee pudding. 

Palate: Dark chocolate and over-ripe plums. A little sultana character, cocoa butter, and spice.

Finish: Spicy, vanilla-led finish with all kinds of dark fruits.

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Premium Alcoholic Drinks

Chivas Royal Salute 21-Year-Old Signature Blend is one of the world’s leading and most exclusive premium blended Scotch Whiskies. First created as a tribute to Queen Elizabeth II on her coronation in 1953, the masterful blend of Royal Salute has gained an enviable status among connoisseurs of fine Scottish Whisky.

The Chivas Royal Salute is an excellent choice for whisky lovers that have a thing for smooth blends with a ton of flavours.

Chiva Royal Salute whisky is good for gifting and those special occasions.

Nose: A pleasant and orange zest smell first hits your nose—as you try to take the first sip. The scent of vanilla, gingerbread, toffee, soft spices, and generous cereals comes crawling after.

Palate: The taste of this whisky ties with the nose almost instantly. It hits your palate with a smooth approach before it shifts towards a burnt caramel feel with a little tar. A prickling slightly peppery oak taste clings to your tongue at the second sip. 

Finish: The Chivas Royal Salute is remarkably long for a soft whisky—with a minor oak bitterness, soured wood, mint chocolate, sweet grains, tobacco, and fruity berries finish. 

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Premium Alcoholic Drinks

Matured in European Sherry butts and American Bourbon barrels for a rich, sophisticated character and remarkable depth of flavour, Glenfiddich Rare Oak 25 Year Old is married together in small batches to create a truly luxurious and velvety smooth single malt. 

Over two and a half decades of careful maturation results in a complex and intriguing whisky that’s a real treat for the discerning palate. Large Spanish Sherry butts gradually impart deep, rich fruit flavours to the liquid while smaller American oak barrels infuse this prestigious single malt with soft vanilla notes and just a hint of spice.

Nose: Green apple, blackberries, oak, and well-aged rum

Palate: Tastes of succulent raisins with a drizzle of curaçao liqueur, gingerbread biscuits, and honey-nut cornflakes

Finish: Nutmeg finish with a squeeze of citrus

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Premium Alcoholic Drinks

King George V is a very special edition from Johnnie Walker, packaged beautifully and made to celebrate the Royal Warrant bestowed upon the company by the monarch. It is made with some of Johnnie Walker’s rarest stocks, including Cardhu, Lochnagar, and even Port Ellen.

Nose: Rich, spicy aromas with hints of Christmas pudding, brandy butter, and vanilla. Slightly nutty too, with notes of ground almond and blossom.

Palate: Fruity, creamy palate entry. Creamy notes of caramel, manuka honey, and a hint of very refined wood smoke. Allspice and nutmeg develop.

Finish: Nutty finish with a surge of salt caramel and biscuit malt.

 We recommend it neat. Pour 50ml and some ice. Freshen your palate with the water between sips to unlock the full experience.

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Premium Alcoholic Drinks

A beautiful, extremely limited edition Macallan released for travel retail, Oscuro is made with whisky from 1987 and 1997 and it’s sherried and incredibly rich in flavours.

Nose: Oak, berry fruits, and vanilla. Hints of cocoa, orange rings, marmalade, spices, and black pepper.

Palate: Vanilla fudge, red berries, and chocolate malt. Intense sherry and pine resin, a little cookie dough with chocolate chips and cinnamon.

Finish: Long and warming, hints of soft smoke and intensely dark malt.

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Hopefully, the next time you plan to celebrate a special occasion or a person close to you,  you will have us in mind for those premium alcoholic drinks you might need. 

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