Kenya Elections: Unity, Peace and Celebration

Kenya Election, Kenyan Flag


Welcome to the Kenya elections! Kenya is a country in East Africa that holds general elections on the second Tuesday of August after every five years as per the constitution. As you may know, this is a momentous time for our country as we elect new leaders. As Kenyans, we are all proud of our country and what it stands for. We are a nation that is built on democracy and the rule of law. 

Kenya has 5 elective positions, MCAs, Members of Parliament, Governors, Senators and President. Voting is your democratic right and It’s so important that your voice is heard. There are many great candidates running, and it’s up to us to choose who will represent us. 

In the spirit of a new dawn and hope, we would like to invite you to celebrate this moment with us and enjoy some of the best and most popular drinks Kenya has to offer during this Kenya election period. 


Tusker is always a popular choice for celebrations in Kenya, and it will be sure to go down well on election night. 

This Kenyan beer is refreshing and has been a favourite of Kenyans for years, and there’s a good reason why. Tusker is made with only the finest ingredients, ensuring a delicious taste that will keep you coming back for more. Also, Tusker is affordable enough for any budget without sacrificing quality or taste.

So don’t miss out on the fun – grab a cold Tusker and join in on the celebration!

Tusker is the perfect drink for any occasion, but it’s especially well-suited for celebrating a successful and peaceful election. 

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Bavaria Non-Alcoholic

Bavaria Non-Alcoholic

Bavaria Non-Alcoholic is the perfect drink for anyone looking for a refreshing alternative to traditional beer. Made with all-natural ingredients, Bavaria Non-Alcoholic delivers a crisp, clean taste that’s perfect for any occasion.

Whether you’re out on the town or just relaxing at home, Bavaria Non-Alcoholic is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a great-tasting beverage without the alcohol.

So don’t miss out on a good time with friends. Try this delicious and refreshing alternative Non-Alcoholic beer.

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Kenya Elections Celebration Gilbey's Gin

Gilbey’s Gin

There’s nothing quite like the taste of a good gin, is there🍸? And if you’re a fan of Gilbey’s gin, then you know you are in for a real treat.

Gilbey’s is made with the finest botanicals, which give it its unique flavour. It really is the perfect drink for any occasion – whether you want to relax after a long day at work or celebrate with friends or family.

Gilbey’s gin comes in two flavours, Gilbey’s Clear and Gilbey’s Pink Gin. Either is perfect for mixing cocktails or enjoying on its own.

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Kenya election celebration with Hennessy


Whether you are celebrating at a party or just relaxing with friends, Hennessy will make your night special. Hennessy is a smooth, rich cognac that’s perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re celebrating a special moment or just enjoying an evening with friends, Hennessy is the perfect drink to fit the occasion. 

Hennessy cognac is made from the finest grapes, and it has been enjoyed by kings and presidents for centuries. It is smooth and flavourful, with a hint of vanilla and oak that makes it perfect for any celebration. 

With its complex flavour and smooth finish, Hennessy is sure to please everyone who tries it. So if you’re looking for something special, be sure to pick up a bottle of Hennessy!

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Johnnie Walker Black

Johnnie Walker Black

Welcome to the world of Johnnie Walker Black. This is a blended Scotch whisky that is perfect for those who appreciate fine whisky. It is made with a blend of malts and grain whiskies, all of which have been carefully selected for their unique flavour profile.

What makes Johnnie Walker Black so special? First and foremost, it has a rich and complex flavor that will tantalize your taste buds. Additionally, it has a long finish that allows you to enjoy its complexity until the very last sip.

If you’re looking for an exceptional Scotch whisky that will impress your friends and family, then look no further than Johnnie Walker Black.  It’s perfect for any occasion – whether you’re enjoying an after-dinner drink or mixing up a cocktail at a party.

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Jack Daniels

Jack Daniel’s

There’s nothing quite like the taste of Jack Daniel’s. It’s a Tennessee whiskey that has been around for over 150 years, and it still remains one of the most popular brands in the world. If you haven’t had a chance to try it yet, now is the time!

Jack Daniel’s is made from corn, rye and malt barley. The corn gives it its sweetness, while the rye provides a bit of spice. And then there’s that distinctive smoky flavour that comes from being charcoal-mellowed. It all comes together to create a drink that is complex and unique – perfect for sipping on its own or enjoying in cocktails.

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Jameson Whisky

There’s a good reason Jameson is the world’s best-selling Irish whiskey – it’s delicious! But there are so many other reasons to love Jameson, too.

For one, it’s a versatile spirit that can be enjoyed in so many different ways. Whether you’re sipping on it neat after work, mixing it into your favourite cocktail or enjoying it with friends over some banter, there’s a perfect way to drink Jameson for everyone.

There’s just something about this Jameson that brings people together and encourages good times. So if you haven’t already given Jameson whisky a try, what are you waiting for? It really is the perfect drink for any occasion. And, if you have tried it, you know we are right 😜

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Hunter’s Choice

If you’re looking for something a little harder than beer, Hunter’s choice is an excellent whisky. This Kenyan whisky is made from pure grain alcohol that will give you a nice kick. It is a fine whisky specially blended for the discerning drinker: rich, smooth, and mellow. It embodies the spirit of adventure and is an excellent choice for parties and celebrations.

This smooth and delicious whisky has been a favourite of Kenyans for years, and there’s no better way to celebrate than with a glass or a bottle of this iconic spirit.

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Chamdor Non-Alcoholic

Chamdor Non-Alcoholic Wine

Chamdor non-alcoholic wine is also a great option if you’re not into hard liquor but still want to join in on the fun around you. Chamdor is made from grape juice and has a delicious fruity flavour that everyone will love. It’s the perfect drink to enjoy with friends and family while watching the election results come in. 

This wine is made with grape juice and it is perfect for celebrating with your friends and family! With this drink, you can celebrate without worrying about your blood alcohol level.

The best part about Chamdor is that it is affordable, so don’t wait any longer – get yourself a bottle today!

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Rosso Nobile Wine

If red flavoured wine is more your thing, Rosso Nobile is an excellent choice. This German wine has hints of cherry and dark chocolate which make it perfect for sipping on while enjoying good company. It has a deep ruby colour and flavours of ripe red fruit, with hints of spice on the finish.

Its fruity flavour pairs well with meats, pasta dishes, and cheese plates.

Best served at room temperature, it’s perfect for any occasion! We highly recommend trying Rosso Nobile if you are looking for an elegant wine to enjoy alone or with company. Cheers 🍷!

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Altar Wine

Altar Wine

For those who prefer something sweet, altar wine is perfect. Altar wine is a traditional drink that’s been used for centuries to celebrate special occasions. It is made with red grapes and a fruity flavour that goes well with most foods. 

If you’re looking for something special to drink during this period, then be sure to try altar wine! It’ll make your moments even more memorable.

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Konyagi is another Kenyan favourite drink. This smooth, delicious vodka is made in Tanzania and is perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re watching the election results come in or just celebrating with friends, Konyagi is the perfect drink. So raise a glass and enjoy this unique Kenyan spirit!

Konyagi tastes mostly of citrus, tropical fruit, and spices. In the finish, there is some spice heat with fruity notes. The spice is pleasant and not overpowering. 

So raise your glasses and let us celebrate with some delicious Konyagi vodka cocktails and enjoy an evening full of friends, family and good cheer. 

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With this list of the popular drinks in Kenya for celebration, you can be sure to have a relaxed and chilled or fun evening/weekend with a drink of your choice.

Since the bars, clubs and most of the supermarkets will be closed during election day, We at Jays Wines are here to deliver to you any drinks you might require to stock. Shop with us for any of the above drinks and more, and they shall be delivered to you at your doorstep by our diligent and prompt riders. 

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We advocate for a peaceful election. Let us raise our glasses and toast to Kenyan democracy! 🍺🍹🍸🍷


By Roseline Maina: Digital Marketer


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