Non-Alcoholic Beers and Wines in Kenya

Non-Alcoholic Wines and Beers in Kenya

You are from work, it has been a hard and long day, as it has been lately. The first thing you do is change into comfortable clothes (whatever that is for you) before you can take a heavy sigh, and you lower yourself onto the sofa. Without noticing, some thirst strikes and almost spontaneously you reach out to your liquor cabinet/bar to look for something to quench the thirst. However, there is nothing that suites the day, because it is a Tuesday and you have to be at work tomorrow (who wants a hangover on a weekday😫). You wish you could have stocked some non-alcoholic beers and wines for such a day as today. 

Some of us might be wondering, “what constitutes non-alcoholic beer or wine?”

Non-alcoholic beer is a beer that contains very little to no alcohol. It is made by removing the alcohol from regular beer. However, despite its name, it may legally contain small amounts of alcohol.

Non-alcoholic wine is produced from wine that has been fermented with yeasts and then gone through an additional process of having the alcohol removed. 

Here is a list of non-alcoholic beers and wines you can stock for that non-alcoholic mood, occasion or gathering.

Heineken zero is a non-alcoholic beer

Heineken zero

If you’re looking for a beer that doesn’t have alcohol, Heineken zero is the perfect option for you. Heineken zero is a non-alcoholic beer that tastes just like the real thing. It’s perfect for those times when you want to enjoy a cold brew but don’t want to get drunk.

Heineken zero is made with the same high-quality ingredients as regular Heineken, so you can be sure that it will taste great every time. It’s also available in cans and bottles, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

Whether you’re on a night out or just relaxing at home, Heineken Zero is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to drink responsibly. So why not give it a try?

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Buy Bavaria Non- Alcoholic Original Online in Nairobi

Bavaria Non-Alcoholic Original Beer

Bavaria 0.0% Original is one of the few 100% non-alcoholic beers. It undergoes a brewing process using only the best ingredients and natural mineral water from Bavaria’s own spring.

The drink has a natural sweetness of malt that strikes a perfect balance with the bitter tones of the beer. It has a slightly hop-like aroma and an authentic, unmistakable beer flavour. The aftertaste is smooth with a malty sweetness and pleasant bitterness.

The beer goes well with deep-fried snacks, barbecues, and spicy meat dishes.

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Buy Bavaria Apple Online in Nairobi

Bavaria Non-Alcoholic Apple Beer

Bavaria 0.0% Apple Malt is a non-alcoholic malt drink with a pleasant, natural freshness of apples. Without being too sweet, this malt drink focuses on the flavour of real apples and it has a sparkling body.

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Bavaria Non-Alcoholic Lime & Ginger beer

Bavaria Non-Alcoholic Ginger & Lime Beer

Looking for a delicious and refreshing beer that you can enjoy without worrying about the alcohol content? Look no further than Bavaria non-alcoholic ginger and lime beer! This unique brew is made with real ginger and lime juice, giving it a wonderfully zesty flavour that will quench your thirst on a hot day. Best of all, you can drink it guilt-free knowing that it contains zero alcohol.

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coolberg non-alcoholic beer

Coolberg Malt Non-Alcoholic Beer

Coolberg Malt Zero Alcohol Beer is essentially the real taste of beer, without the alcohol, of course. So if you’re the savoury connoisseur of beer and love the slightly bitter taste, this is the one you should pick up!

Flavour Notes: Malty, Bitter, Hoppy and Citrous.

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Coolberg Mint Non-Alcoholic Beer

Experience a burst of freshness. Coolberg Mint Zero Alcohol Beer is the most refreshing drink brewed with natural mint leaves and barley malt. The perfect drink to have at home or a party.

Flavour Notes: Fresh, Minty, Sweet

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coolberg non-alcoholic beer

Coolberg Cranberry Non-Alcoholic Beer

A unique twist to a berry brew, Coolberg Cranberry Zero Alcohol Beer is everyone’s delight. The sweet aromatic whiffs lend a fitting complement to your appetizing cravings.

Flavour Notes: Sweet, Berry, Tart, Tangy

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Coolberg Strawberry Non-Alcoholic Beer

Strawberry Zero Alcohol Beer is loved by many. Coolberg brings an amazing crafted taste of strawberries and malt packed in a golden brew.

Flavour Notes:  Fresh, Juicy, Tangy and Sweet

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coolberg non-alcoholic beer

Coolberg Ginger Non-Alcoholic Beer

Coolberg Ginger Zero Alcohol Beer has got some serious spunk. You will fall in love with Ginger brews after you have one of these. Brewed with barley malt and ginger, this one is for the bold people.

Flavour Notes: Light Ginger (Not too strong), Sweet and Zesty.

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Coolberg Peach Non-Alcoholic Beer

Coolberg Peach Zero Alcohol Beer is crisp and light with a sharp blend of peaches on top of a subtle malt base, making it yet another amazing drink.

Flavour Notes: Light, Juicy and Sweet

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Buy Chamdor red grape Online in Nairobi

Chamdor Sparkling Red Wine

Chamdor Red is a non-alcoholic sparkling grape wine. It mainly uses the Chenin Blanc and Muscat varieties from the vineyards in the Robertson wine district, South Africa. Only high-quality grapes are used for the grape juice and only grapes with a high sugar concentration and relatively low acidity are selected.

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Chamdor Sparkling White Wine

Chamdor White Grape is a non-alcoholic sparkling grape juice from South Africa. Made from the highest quality grapes to give you the sweet wine flavours without the alcohol.  The drink is smooth, sweet, and sensational for every occasion or mood.

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Rendez Vous Sparkling Rosé Wine

Rendez Vous Rosé is a non-alcoholic strawberry-flavoured wine. It is the perfect sparkling beverage that can be served on any occasion or gathering.

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Rendez Vous Sparkling White Wine

Rendez Vous White is a non-alcoholic wine made with freshly squeezed white grapes, without a hangover.  It is the perfect sparkling white wine for any mood or occasion.

The tall and ravishing bottle of pure delight will brighten up any mood at any time. Trust Rendezvous beverages to accompany you as the perfect drinking partner for all gatherings. 

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Rendez Vous Sparkling Red Wine

Rendez Vous Red is a non-alcoholic wine made with freshly squeezed red grapes from France. It is the perfect sparkling beverage with an appetizing and luscious taste that can be enjoyed both day and night. 

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It would be remiss not to mention that it is advised to have non-alcoholic drinks (beers and wines) at a party or gathering. This is especially for the non-alcoholic drinkers or those who would like to pass on alcoholic drinks on that particular occasion. What are the usual alternatives for non-alcoholic drinkers while among imbibers?…. Soft drinks or juices containing lots of sugar or infused drinks like coffee and tea mixed with milk and sugar to taste; none of which is suitable for your health. The true and pristine alternative is non-alcoholic wine or beer as they not only make you look like them but confers to you the healthy benefits of beers and wines👍.

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