WINE COCKTAIL: Champagne Margaritas

Champagne Margaritas can be made with any flavour of champagne/sparkling wine. They are the perfect bubbly treat to toast any of life’s great celebrations!

Enjoy this perfectly sweet and perfectly sour, stout but so easy to drink Champagne margarita (dangerously so!), with just the right amount of fizz.

Champagne Margarita Ingredients

  • 90ml champagne – (or sparkling wine)
  • 30ml tequila
  • 30ml triple sec – (orange-flavoured liqueur)
  • 45ml of fresh lime juice

How To Make:

  1. Optional: Rim glasses in sugar or salt. Do so by lining a shallow plate or bowl with lime juice.
  2. Fill another plate with salt or sugar. Flip glasses into lime juice and then into the salt (or sugar) and twist until the edge is coated. Fill glasses with ice. 
  3. Combine lime juice, tequila, and triple sec. Shake well and pour into an ice-filled glass. Top with champagne.
  4. Add a lime to garnish!
  5. Enjoy!

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