The 22 Most Affordable Alcohol for Anyone On A Budget

Life is hard! That is what we all hear these days. True. It is tough, and money is scarce. Expenses keep mounting, and the budget somehow remains the same! By the time we are through with the expenses, we have little remaining for that weekend getaway. And, somehow we wonder what Wiz Khalifa was thinking when he sung “Work Harder, Play Hard!” because the “play hard”  rarely comes by!

However, we are told it is the little things that bring us joy. The little things like spending time with our loved ones, a hobby, good music, a beer here, a wine bottle there, whisky on the rocks, or even cocktails with friends. Contrary to popular belief, alcohol is not as expensive. For as little at Ksh. 630, you have yourself a bottle you can chill with late in the evening or with friends and/or family. You do not believe me, let’s delve in to find out.


Officers Choice Blue Grain

Officers Choice is commonly known as an Indian Whisky. Officer’s Choice Blue Grain is an Indian- premium variant of Officers Choice. It is made from a fine blend of scotch malts and select Indian grain spirits. Officers Choice Blue Grain is elegantly designed and well-shaped giving it a premium look and feel. A bottle of Officer’s Choice Blue Grain is Ksh. 1,000. Click here to purchase a bottle or two.

Nose: deep notes of maraschino cherries, toffee caramel, vanilla, baked rhubarb crumble, and a very thin whiff of smoke

Taste: Has a sweet and warming palate with creamy malt, oats, and cereal.

Passport scotch

Passport Blended Scotch Whisky is made in Scotland and is owned by Pernod Ricard. It has a gold-leaning-to-amber appearance in the glass, coming from the added caramel coloring. It can be enjoyed neat, over ice, or mixed with your favourite soft drink. A Bottle of this blended scotch whisky is Ksh. 1,050. Click here to get that party going.

Nose: Cereal and honey sweetness meet a woody tinge, with a trace of bitterness. There is just the slightest hint of peat ash note. The finish is sweet but dry and with moderate, short-lived warmth.

Taste: A tempting fruity taste and a deliciously creamy finish

William Lawson’s

William Lawson’s is a classic blended Scotch whisky with a sweet, medium-bodied flavour from Scotland. Made with a high malt content, the blend was first produced by William Lawson in 1849.  At its core is the single malt of Macduff distillery, married with various bold malts and grain whiskeys with a fruit-forward character. It has a toasted, malty finish. A bottle of William Lawson’s goes for Ksh. 1,300. Click here to purchase.

Nose: Sweet spice and creamy barley malt. A touch of cocoa butter dried peels and oak.

Taste: Date and raisin, hints of walnut loaf and toasted oak. 


Grant’s is a  blended whisky made using grain whisky from the Girvan distillery as a base, blended with a variety of single malts and other grain whiskies. 

Grant’s Triple Wood is matured in three different types of wood: Virgin Oak cask provides spicy robustness, American Oak lends subtle vanilla smoothness and Bourbon refill offers brown sugar sweetness, resulting in a smoother, richer, mellower taste. It has a long and sweet with a subtle hint of smoke. It goes for Ksh. 1,350. Click here to purchase.

Nose: Is complex, clean with notes of ripe pear and summer fruits.

Taste: Balances vanilla sweetness with malty and light floral fragrances giving a warm and fruity taste with a hint of spice.

VAT 69

VAT 69 is a famous old brand of blended whisky. Simple, easy-going and excellent choice if you’re looking for a dependable blend. Chosen by Sir Ernest Shackleton to accompany him on his Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition of 1914 ‘for medicinal and celebratory purposes, and also famously the favourite whisky of Captain Lewis Nixon of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, immortalized in the book and TV series Band of Brothers. This bottle goes for Ksh. 1,400. Click here to purchase.

VAT 69 has a woody, spiced finish.

Nose: Hints of spice and caramel, notes of barley malt, with a soft wheat character. A touch of pear juice.

Palate: Ground almonds and barley malt. Slightly biscuity, more of those pear notes, a little pepper. Sweet, rounded.


Flirt green apple

Flirt Vodka Green Apple is an apple-flavored vodka from Bulgaria. It is among the very first of Flirt Vodka flavours. Its making involves high-quality wheat that undergoes repeated distillation. This gives Flirt Vodka Green Apple its characteristic softness, pleasant taste and its unique sense of purity.

Flirt Vodka Green Apple vodka can be enjoyed on its own, or as a base for cocktails. This bottle goes for only Ksh. 900 (750ml). Click here to taste that apple in your vodka.

Nose: It has a sweet aroma of juicy apples

Taste: It has a taste of fresh and crispy green apples.

Smirnoff vodka red

Smirnoff red is a Russian vodka made using the traditional charcoal filtration method. It is triple distilled and exceptionally smooth, then ten times filtered in a unique process for ultimate smoothness and clarity. It is perfect on the rocks or in your favorite cocktail.  Mixes superbly well with tonic, fruit juices, cocktails. Get a bottle from us at Ksh. 1,200 (750ml). Click here to taste that smoothness.

Nose: It has a clean aroma of faint black pepper and charcoal.

Taste: It has a subtle minerality on the palate with notes of cracked black pepper spice and a faint sensation of peppermint freshness.

New Amsterdam

New Amsterdam is made from the finest quality grains. Five times distilled from the finest grains for unparalleled smoothness and filtered three times for a soft finish. Starts with a soft, full-bodied sensation on the palate. A subtle sweetness combines with a smooth finish to provide a well-rounded taste experience. It’s so smooth you can create a perfect cocktail or drink it straight. Ksh. 1,200 (750ml). Need vodka for your cocktails? Click here to get a bottle or two.

Nose: Neutral fresh mountain air

Taste: The entry is warm with a palate of lemon citrus fading into dry vanilla finish

Stolichnaya Citrus

Stolichnaya Citrus commonly known as Stoli is a natural citrus-flavored vodka from Russia. Produced using winter wheat and clear glacial water and then married to the natural flavors of lemons and limes. All Stoli flavors use an infusion process to give them the smooth distinctive character of Stolichnaya with natural flavor before the final filtration. Stoli-flavored vodkas are a harmonious marriage of spirit and flavor, one that is uniquely Stoli. A bottle of Stoli goes for Ksh. 1,400 (750ml). Click here to get and enjoy this citrusy vodka.

Nose: Fresh vibrant lime and lemon zest

Taste: Mild sweetness balanced with black pepper spics and zesty citrus

Cruz Vintage Black

Cruz Vintage Black is distilled five times and charcoal filtered three through a process allowing the retention of character of the pure spirit whilst filtering out impurities Cruz Vintage Black vodka is then blended with the purest of water sources bringing to life its extraordinary smooth taste and intense purity. It can be enjoyed on the rocks or with your favourite vodka mixer. Get this elegant bottle of vodka at Ksh. 1,400 (750ml). Click here to buy this elegance in a bottle.

Nose: Clean and light, fresh nose

Taste: A smooth and sumptuous texture with a good weight that is well balanced across the palate.


Frontera Red

Frontera Cabernet Sauvignon is a deep, garnet-red wine, rich with aromas of cherries, blackberries and hints of pepper black plums, toast, and vanilla. The wine has a soft body; harmonious with a great balance and persistence and boasts a satisfying, lingering finish. If you are looking for a wine that goes down smoothly, then this is the wine to get for Ksh. 900 (750ml). Click here to bottle for that chilled evening.

Served: This wine is an ideal pair for both red and white meat and excellent with fresh vegetable dishes.

Anthony’s hill merlot 

Anthony’s Hills Merlot is a medium ruby-colored wine. Medium aroma and flavor intensity with primary and secondary notes of blackberry, black cherry, black pepper, mint, cedar and smoke. Medium acidity and tannins. Medium body and finish. Imagine having a bottle of this wine in the evening after a long day, click here to buy this happiness at Ksh. 1,000 (750ml).

Served: Beef, lamb and veal (meat from calves)

Pierre Marcel White 

Pierre Marcel White, glimmering gold in color, offers a gorgeous sweetness with flexible silky tannins. Inviting aroma of ripe tropical fruits like apples, sweet melon and guava. Its spice nuances are well integrated with fruit fragrances and flavors rendering a sinful mouth feel. If you have tried Pierre Marcel Red, then you should definitely try this one at Ksh. 1,050 (750ml). Click here to purchase.

Served: Excellent with pizza, grilled meats and barbecue. Best served chilled.

Fragolino rosé

Fragolino Rosé is a Rosato-appearing sparkling wine. It is crafted with an intense strawberry aroma on the nose. Its palate is sweet and harmonious with the strawberry flavors. A sweet rosé to impress your dinner date at Ksh. 1,400 (750ml). Click here to purchase it.

Served: goes well as an aperitif. It also pairs with pastry dishes 

Andre Sparkling Brut

Andre Sparkling Brut is a California Champagne being considered the driest tasting Champagne. The word brut translates to “raw” or “unrefined” in French. This Brut sparkling wine features a medium to dry blend of white wine grapes, resulting in a fruity flavor somewhere between green apples and sweet lemons. Andre Brut Champagne is crisp, simple and slightly sweet. It’s refreshing and versatile with fruity notes of green apple, pear and sweet lemon. 

Andre California champagne is a classic choice for toasting and celebrating, and the ultimate dry sparkling wine for mimosas and cocktails. Champagne does not have to be expensive. A bottle of this champagne goes for Ksh. 1,500 (750ml). Click here to buy this for that celebration.

Served: Serve chilled at your next event.

Rosso  Nobile

Rosso Nobile al Cioccolata is a chocolate flavoured red wine from Germany. It is infused with chocolate aromas to give it a smooth taste. This wine is known to engulf the nose with aromas of ripe black fruit, cherries, along with dark chocolate. This wine has “special occasion” written all over it going at Ksh. 1500 (750ml). Click here to get this bottle for that special occasion.

Served: It can be taken on its own or can drink along with dark chocolates



Konyagi is a good affordable drink that is smooth and versatile. Well worth a try for mixology experiments. The flavoring is nice and not overdone. Smooth enough to drink on its own. Also, you are getting a higher proof (35%) for the same or less money than.

It can be used as a substitute for vodka, gin or rum.  Mixes nicely with almost every other ingredient used for cocktails as well with juices, energy drinks or whatever else you have on hand. You can get this well-loved drink of 750ml at Ksh. 630 (750ml). Click here to buy.

V & A Imperial Cream Liqueur

V&A Liqueur is a rich blend of the finest fruity aroma giving a smooth fulfilling taste, which is unsurpassed in its class. The imperial fine liqueur borrows from the royalty of Victoria and Albert. Its lush bodied flavours fill the senses with a juicy subtle mouthful and crisp refreshing finish.

V&A Sherry is red in colour, known for its mild, smooth taste and sweet aroma. You can get a bottle of this red liqueur for Ksh. 700(750ml). Click here to purchase.

Best Cream

Best Marula Cream Liqueur is a delicious blend of the unique flavors of the marula fruit including chocolate, caramel, and a hint of butterscotch.  A drink with a distinctive, exciting and sophisticated taste. Get this Marula Liqueur at Ksh. 1000 (750ml). Click here to buy.


Gilbey’s is a distilled London Dry Gin Founded In 1872 and one of the most popular gins in Kenya. It contains juniper berries as an ingredient and is clear in color. It can be taken neat or in cocktails or accompanied with tonic water, as most gin lovers prefer. Gilbey’s Gin is a delicate blend of 12 natural ingredients to achieve the ideal mix of complexity and balance to deliver a smoother, tangy, refreshingly dry gin with a hint of citrus that’s the perfect choice anywhere, anytime. The key botanicals are; juniper, coriander, lemongrass, orange peel, kalamansi, angelica root, cinnamon and nutmeg. Let’s deliver you this gin for your “stay at home’’ weekend at Ksh. 1150 (750ml). Click here to order.

Richot Brandy

Richot Brandy is a premium, full bouquet, well-matured grape brandy meant for the discerning consumer who does not compromise on quality. Matured in single oak casks in Italy, Richot Brandy is rated Perfect Blend meaning it is a blend of the best grapes matured in wood for at least 5 years. Need a brandy for your evening relaxation? Get yourself this bottle at Ksh. 1,150 (750ml). Click here to purchase.

Don Montego

Don Montego is an exquisite brandy produced by the KVINT distillery, since the year 1897. It is produced by a classical process of aging the distillery’s own grape Eaux-de-vie, in oak barrels, for a minimum period of 5 years. This lustrous golden liquid has a smooth and pleasant taste, accompanied by floral hints in its bouquet. This is a brandy like no other. Get this exquisite brandy at Ksh. 1,350 (750ml). Click here to purchase.

With this list of best alcohol on a budget, you can be sure to have a relaxed and chilled evening or weekend for as little as Ksh. 1,500. Now, you have no reason to not get your favorite category of drinks, and get your groove on😉. Cheers mate!🍷🍺

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By Roseline Maina: Digital Marketer


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