Celebrating Easter: Traditions, Refreshing Drinks & Shared Moments


Other than the Christmas season, Easter is the second most anticipated holiday of the year! Some of us marked this holiday immediately after returning from the Christmas celebrations😆. 

Easter is not just a holiday; it is a time filled with special traditions, heartfelt moments, gatherings with loved ones and “take all my money” activities😄. 

Let’s take a closer look at the different ways to celebrate Easter and discover some refreshing drinks to enjoy along the way.

Activities to do to Celebrate Easter

Ideas and Activities on How to Celebrate Easter

1. Church and Gratitude

For many of us, we celebrate Easter by attending church services to reflect on the significance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It’s a time for prayer, worship, and expressing gratitude for the blessings in our lives. Take a moment to be thankful for family, friends, and Easter’s joy.

2. Travelling and Visiting Loved Ones

Easter is a time when families come together, often travelling long distances to reunite with parents, relatives, and loved ones. Travelling to see family is an Easter tradition many of us have embraced. 

If you can’t travel, consider hosting a virtual gathering or having a phone conversation with your loved ones to stay connected.

3. Gatherings, Parties, and Dinners

Easter gatherings, parties, and dinners offer wonderful opportunities to bring loved ones together in celebration. You can host a festive brunch consisting of sweet and savoury bitings, from pancakes to fresh fruit platters. For dinner, you can encourage a sense of togetherness where each member contributes their homemade signature dish, adding a diverse selection of flavours to the table.

4. Trips and Getaways

Many of us take advantage of the long Easter weekend to embark on trips and getaways to explore the beauty of the world. This could be camping, hiking, relaxing on the shores of Lake Victoria or the coastal beaches, or even travelling outside the country. Safari Rally anyone 🙋?

The Easter weekend is the perfect time for new adventures and making memories.

5. Relaxation and Indoor Retreats

For those who prefer a more relaxed Easter weekend, chilling indoors with loved ones, watching movies, and decompressing is the perfect way to unwind. 

6. Balancing Work and Leisure

Easter may also involve balancing work commitments amidst the festivities for some of us. This could be catching up on tasks or attending to business matters. For as much as you will need to stay productive, do not forget to embrace the spirit of Easter and take a moment to take a deep breath and relax.

7. Acts of Charity and Giving Back

Easter is also a time for acts of charity and giving back to the community. From donating food to the less fortunate to volunteering at local charities, some of us come together to spread kindness and compassion during this season of renewal and hope.

8. Reflection and Gratitude

Amidst the festivities and celebrations, Easter is a time for reflection and gratitude. It’s a time to count our blessings, cherish our loved ones, and express gratitude for the gift of life.

Here are Drinks you can enjoy this Easter Weekend

Low alcohol content wines, Hermon Moscato

a) Hermon Moscato

Moscato, a beloved Israeli wine, is renowned for its sweetness and low alcohol content, around 7%. Its effervescent nature brings forth enticing aromas of green apple, tangerine, lime, peach, pineapple, and hints of fresh flowers.

Moscato is best served chilled. Chilling the wine enhances its fruity and floral nuances while softening its sweetness for a balanced palate.

Pairing: Fresh tropical fruits, spicy Swahili dishes, seafood, poultry

Hermon Moscato complements these dishes without overpowering their flavours, making every bite and sip a delight.

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Efrat Massoret wine to Celebrate Easter

b) Efrat Massoret

Easter is a time to celebrate the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is also a time to enjoy the company of family and friends and share the joy of the season. And, Efrat Massoret sweet red wine from Israel is ideal for the Easter weekend. It has a rich bouquet and a complex taste from its careful maturation. It is one of the popular wines in Kenya, as it can pair well with a variety of dishes.

Pairing: barbequed ribs or chicken wings in a sweet sticky marinade 

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Chamdor Non-Alcoholic

c) Chamdor

Chamdor is a non-alcoholic sparkling wine from South Africa made from the highest quality grapes. It has a smooth, sweet, and sensational taste that everyone can enjoy. Chamdor comes in two flavours: white grape and red grape. You can choose the one that suits your preference and mood. 

Pop this non-alcoholic sparkling wine in celebration and gratitude. Make your Easter weekend more festive with Chamdor. 

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d) Altar Wine

Altar wine is also known as sacramental wine. This wine is a symbol of the blood of Christ, and a reminder of his sacrifice and resurrection. 

You can enjoy altar wine during the Easter weekend, as it can pair well with many dishes. For example, you can serve it with roasted lamb and potatoes, a classic Easter meal that highlights the wine’s earthy and herbal flavours. You can also pair it with fish or salmon, a common choice for Good Friday, that complements the wine’s acidity and fruitiness.

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Teperberg Vision Merlot for Easter Celebration

e) Teperberg Vision Merlot (Organic Wine)

Teperberg Vision Merlot is an organic wine from Israel made from 100% Merlot grapes grown in the Shfelat Yehuda Vineyard. It has a medium body, a cherry flavour, and hints of caramel and smoke. 

It is a smooth and pleasant wine that can be enjoyed by family and friends, in the shared joy of the season. 

Whether you are hosting a party, a dinner, or a picnic, you can make it more festive with Terperberg Vision Merlot. For example, you can serve it with nyama choma and ugali, a classic Kenyan meal. You can also pair it with roasted vegetables, beef, pork, and lamb.

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Notable Mentions

Enjoy a Mimosa on Easter Weekend

a) Cocktails

Cocktails are a great way to spice up your Easter weekend, especially if you are hosting a party, a brunch, or a dinner. Do you prefer vodka, gin, rum, or whisky? You can find a cocktail that suits your taste and mood. 

Here are some of the best cocktails you can make and enjoy during the Easter weekend

  1. Mimosa is a simple and refreshing cocktail that is perfect for brunch or a sunny afternoon. All you need is some champagne and orange juice, and you have a bubbly and citrusy drink that will brighten up your Easter weekend. You can also add some grenadine, peach schnapps, or cranberry juice for that extra flavour and colour.
  2. Negroni is a bitter and sophisticated cocktail ideal for those who like a strong and complex drink. It consists of gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth, stirred with ice and garnished with an orange peel. The negroni has a rich and balanced taste that stimulates your palate and mood.
  3. The Old-Fashioned is a classic and timeless cocktail. It is made with bourbon, sugar, Angostura bitters, and a splash of water, muddled with a cherry and an orange slice and served over ice. The old-fashioned has a smooth and sweet taste that will warm your heart and soul.

b) Beers

Easter is a time for social and casual gatherings with friends and family. One timeless tradition that adds a touch of flavour and togetherness is enjoying a glass or two of beer. Beer brings people together in a shared appreciation for good company, laughter and stories. 

Here are some beer suggestions to enjoy over Easter weekend;

  1. Tusker Lager is a classic Kenyan beer. This beer has a smooth and crisp taste, perfect for those Easter trips and getaways.
  2. Tusker Cider is a fruity delightful blend of apple goodness. It is ideal for brightening up Easter brunches or afternoon gatherings. 
  3. Guinness is a rich stout beer with a distinctive roasted flavour and a smooth finish. 
  4. White Cap is a pale lager that has a light and refreshing taste, with a hint of citrus and spice, the perfect beer for a lazy or slow afternoon.

Enjoy Whisky this Easter celebration

c) Whisky

Add a touch of warmth and sophistication to the Easter festivities with the rich and complex flavours of whisky. Here are a few recommendations;

  1. Johnnie Walker whiskies are known for their smoothness and signature smokiness, perfect for unwinding after a day of festivities. 
  2. Delight in the robust notes of Glenfiddich, offering a harmonious blend of fruitiness and oakiness that tantalizes the senses. 
  3. For those seeking a refined experience, the single malts of Glenmorangie beckon with their intricate layers of flavour, from delicate floral tones to hints of spice. 
  4. Famous Grouse is a beloved blend cherished for its balanced character and inviting warmth. It is a classic choice for a long relaxing weekend.

You can enjoy your whisky neat, on the rocks, or in a classic whisky cocktail.


As we come together to celebrate Easter, let us embrace the richness of our culture, the warmth of our hospitality, and the joy of togetherness. With refreshing drinks to accompany each experience, may your Easter celebrations be filled with laughter, love, and lasting memories. 

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Here’s to a blessed and joyful Easter 🥂


By Roseline Maina: Digital Marketer

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