Valentine’s Day: Gifting, Romantic Dinner And Wine Recommendations

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Valentine’s Day, also called Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is celebrated annually on February 14th. It originated as a Christian feast day set to honour a Christian martyr named Saint Valentine. Through the centuries, it has become a significant celebration of romance and love in many regions of the world.

They say love is a beautiful thing. It is finding that someone who fits you like a glove, the yin to your yang, that’s the good stuff.

It is that time again- Valentine’s Day; time to beat last year’s standards or set a new standard to show love to your loved ones;- family, friends, and even colleagues. 

Valentine’s Day is all about the thoughtfulness/ sentimentality behind a gift or an action. If you are going to spend money on your loved ones this Valentine’s, make it count.

Romantic Things To Do On Valentine’s Day

Romantic Things To Do On Valentine's Day
1. Plan a spa day for your loved one

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion to show your loved one how much you care, and what better way to do that than by planning a relaxing spa day? A couples massage is a perfect way to start the day, and it’s a great opportunity for both of you to unwind and de-stress together. Follow it up with a day of pampering, including facials, pedicures, and manicures that will leave your loved one feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Make this Valentine’s Day one that your loved one will remember forever, by planning a relaxing spa day.

2. Plan a staycation

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to surprise your loved one with a romantic getaway. Plan a staycation by booking a romantic hotel or an Airbnb for the night. The element of surprise will make the experience even more special and memorable.

Look for a place with a cosy ambience, comfortable rooms, and great views. Add some special touches to make the experience even more romantic, such as rose petals on the bed, candles, and a bottle of wine. Make sure to plan a special dinner or breakfast to enjoy together during your stay.

3. Make a fantastic candlelit dinner

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to make a fantastic candlelit dinner for your loved one. This type of dinner is a perfect way to show your love and appreciation while enjoying a romantic meal together.

Start by choosing a special menu that your loved one will enjoy, whether it’s their favourite dish or a new recipe you want to try. Next, set the mood by creating a romantic atmosphere, with dim lighting, candles, and soft music. Decorate the table with flowers, candles, and special tableware to make the dinner even more special.

Make sure to choose a nice bottle of wine or their favourite drink to accompany the meal.

4. You can also make a short, cheesy, playful, or romantic video 

This is a special day to express your love and affection to your loved one. One creative way to do this is by making a short and playful video message letting them know how happy you are to have them as your Valentine. You can make it fun by incorporating cheesy jokes and puns, or you can make it romantic by expressing your feelings.

Keep it short and sweet to make it more impactful. You can make the video using your phone and share the video with your loved one via email or text message to make this Valentine’s Day one that they will remember.

5. Get them a gift hamper that you know they will enjoy

Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity to show your loved one how much you care and what better way to do that than by getting them a gift hamper that you know they will enjoy.

A gift hamper is a collection of items that are carefully curated to suit your loved one’s interests and preferences. It can include anything from their favourite food, drink, books, or even activities.

How do you choose the best gift hamper?

Make sure the gift hamper reflects their personality and interests. It could be something as simple as their favourite chocolates and a bottle of wine or you can make it more elaborate by including a book, a journal or a scented candle.

Presenting the hamper in a beautiful basket or a box and decorating it with ribbon and flowers will make it even more special. Get them a gift hamper that you know they will enjoy and make this Valentine’s Day memorable.

Check out our blog post on Gift Hampers for ideas, here.

Valentine’s Day Wine Recommendations

You might be wondering, what is a good wine for Valentine’s Day? You could be thinking of either gifting or enjoying it in a romantic setting. We have compiled the top sort after wines during this Valentine’s season.

Best Wine Ideas for Every Budget

Best Wine Ideas for Every Budget

Valentine’s Day wines on a budget

Sweet Wines on a budget

4th street red & white or Robertson red & white; If they are fans of South African wine, these are choice wines for them.

Carlo Rossi red: If they are fans of Californian wine, American wine, then this is a must-get.

Saint Celine & Pierre marcel white & red: If you are making a candlelit dinner for your lover, buy Saint Celine. This is a juicy sweet South African wine best served with pasta. 

If you are making a pizza or a barbeque, you won’t go wrong with Pierre marcel white & red,  which is  French wine.

Valentine's Day Gift Recommendations

Premium Sweet Wines

Valentine’s Day premium wines

Premium sweet wines

Rosso Nobile and Blanco Nobile: these are premium German wines. Rosso Nobile is a chocolate, red sweet wine that you can gift him/her. Blanco Nobile is just as it sounds-white vanilla flavoured wine (the only known vanilla-flavoured wine). Best served chilled.

Again, if you plan on a candlelit dinner, the Israeli Moscato and the American 14 hands Moscato will be your best choices. The Israeli Moscato is a white wine, almost organic wine for teetotalers. It is best served chilled with dessert. On the other hand, you can serve the 14 hands Moscato chilled as an aperitif for spicy food, or cheese.

 Valentine's Day Gift Recommendations, sparkling wine

Premium Sparkling Wines

Sparkling wine

If your loved one enjoys sparkling wine, there’s no better gift than the Italian Fragolino white & red  and Carmela white.

Dry wines on a budget

The Spanish Frontera white and red are popular wines and definitely live up to the hype.  You can also get the Chilean Casillero Del Diablo white& red for your chile… get it? Lol or the Kenyan Leleshwa sauvignon blanc.

Are you a South African wine fan? Then you should try Mohan’s or Nederburg Lyric

Premium Dry Wines

If you are looking for a wine with a high alcohol percentage, look no further than the Portuguese vintage port wine that is Sanderman fine ruby/fine tawny. We also have the South African Durbanville collectors reserve white & red and Alto cabernet sauvignon and the Nederburg Wines collection.

Valentine's Day Gift Recommendations

Premium Dry Wines

Teetotaller(non-alcoholic) Wines

Of course, we cannot forget our teetotaler loved ones on this wine list, so here goes; get them Chamdor white & red, Rendez Vous white, red or rose or Keror red or white.

Find the perfect wine to give your loved ones this Valentine’s Day from our wide variety at Jays Wines. And who says you can’t gift yourself something nice as well?


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By Joy Kotisany: Digital Marketer

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